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Happy Harley-Days

Christmas is coming, and with it, three new holiday tales written by me and starring Harley Quinn! November 30th sees the release of the DC Rebirth Batman Annual #1, which features a story with the legendary Bat-artist Neal Adams! I had a great time with this, and it was such fun to do a sequel/homage to Neal’s classic 1969 Christmas tale, “The Silent Night of The Batman.” On December 14th, Elsa Charretier renders what happens when Harley hosts her own Christmas entertainment extravaganza in the DC Holiday Special. Wonder Woman shares warm holiday memories. Batman does his last minute shopping. Flash and Captain Cold go caroling. Black Canary and Zatanna…well, I don’t want to give the whole thing away. Just drop into the party, you’ll be glad you did. And finally, Harley and Ivy appear in a sweet little love story (not really a holiday tale, but close enough to Christmas to count) by my pal Bill Morrison for Marc Andreyko’s very important Love Is Love book, out on December 21st.  Check out the sneak peaks below!




Comic Con coming

It’s that time again! Comic Con International, July 20th thru 24th, San Diego Convention Center. Dave Alvarez did the cartoon below for a signing last year, but I think it still applies, maybe more than ever this summer…


Here’s where you can find me during the big show:

Thursday, July 21

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM  I’ll be signing at the MATTEL BOOTH with Batman himself, KEVIN CONROY! Mattel will be debuting a very special all new VR experience, and if you are a fan of the classic B:TAS, you won’t want to miss it!

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM  PAUL DINI 1 – ON – 1 PANEL I’ll be speaking with moderator JOHN CUNNINGHAM about the creation of my new graphic novel DARK NIGHT – A TRUE BATMAN STORY, and taking questions about future projects, cartoons, comics, Harley Quinn, Jingle Belle, and whatever else anyone wants to talk about.  Room 6DE.

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM I’m signing at the DC BOOTH #1915


Friday, July 22

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY CONX PANEL I’ll be doing a Q & A on the Entertainment Weekly stage, Embarcadero Marina Plaza North, 400 Kettner Blvd.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM I’m back the DC BOOTH for another signing.


I won’t be at the following animation/TV panels, but you should check them out anyway…

JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION PANEL (Thursday, 12 PM, Room 25ABC) swing by to get a peek at the new show and chat all things DCAU with Alan Burnett, Butch Lukic, Jim Krieg and that Conroy fella again.

Disney’s PENN ZERO PART TIME HERO and THE 7D presentation, co-moderated by my good buddy and 7D creator Tom Ruegger (Friday, 2:3 PM, Room 5AB)

THE KILLING JOKE premiere (Friday, 9 PM Ballroom 20) Good grief, more Conroy!

MARVEL ANIMATION (Saturday 12:30 PM, Room 6A)

SID & MARTY KROFFT (Saturday, 2 PM Room23ABC) Meet the brothers who revolutionized Saturday Morning TV with such shows as H.R. Pufinstuff, Lidsville, and The Land of The Lost. (Okay, I may have to drop in on this one.)


ANIMANIACS LIVE! (Sunday 3:00 PM Room 6DE) You don’t want to miss this! The original Animaniacs cast, Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille, reunite to perform the classic cartoon series songs along with songwriter/accompaniest Randy Rogel! Come and sing along! You all know the words…”United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama…”

DC SUPERHERO GIRLS: HERO OF THE YEAR (Sunday,10 AM, Room 6BCF) The new feature length movie whose stellar voice cast includes MISTY LEE as Big Barda! And speaking of Misty…

MISTY LEE, the voice of RED SONJA will be signing copies of the new DVD, RED SONJA – QUEEN OF PLAGUES along with writer GAIL SIMONE at the SHOUT FACTORY BOOTH, Thursday at 11 AM!

See you in San Diego.

Keep cool…

We’re still working on getting things up and running, both here on the site AND with the return of the Radio Rashy podcasts.  Lots of good friends have told us they miss the old show, so we’re going to be doing some more of them this summer.  I should have some more information on that with the next update.


It’s a zillion degrees here in LA and Super Rica is beating the heat through meditation.  That looks refreshing.

super rica-2

Late Summer

Our ice cream man looks like Vladimir Putin.

Oh, make no mistake, the cheerful gent who drives his tinkling dairy treat wagon thru our neighborhood every summer day is a fine fellow.  He’s friendly, extremely courteous, and his truck is always well stocked with Bomb Pops, ice cream sandwiches and chilly confections molded in the shape of the most popular cartoon characters. But there’s no denying the chap is the spit and image of the famous Russian leader. Perhaps he’s some long-lost twin relative. Or maybe he actually IS Putin running a bizarre sideline business here in Burbank, CA. Unlikely we know, but stranger things have happened. Just as strange, in addition to frozen dainties, the fellow also sells old-fashioned non-PC playthings the likes of which haven’t seen the inside of a Toys R Us in decades. Perhaps they are still produced in Russia, which would explain how “Vlad” always has a full stock of them. I’m talking bow and arrow sets, cap guns and bombs, metal darts, and probably a few more destructive things hidden among the Fudgsicles. This delights Rashy no end, who is easily his best customer.


In other summer-related news, we seem to have completely lost track of our intern, Melodie D’Amour. Sometime after the Fourth of July Melodie grabbed a beach ball (and Super Rica’s piggy bank), announced she’d be “working at home” and we haven’t seen her since.  As there have been unconfirmed reports of her running wild in Cabo San Lucas, we’ve come to understand that “working at home” is Melodie-speak for “On my boyfriend’s yacht”. We are currently interviewing for a new intern.




Summer Update

Seriously, if I’m going to have this swanky website, I really should update it more than once a year. Sorry about that.

And I’m also sorry for fans of our podcasts who have e-mailed, called, or accosted us on the street asking: “When is ‘Radio Rashy’ coming back?” Well, we’re working on that. Last year the site had some tech trouble and we’ve only now got things up and running again. The old episodes are there in the archives and we’ve added a couple new ones we recorded with legendary comics/TV/animation writer Mark Evanier just before the RR site went down.  We’re looking into recording some new episodes, probably this fall. In the meantime you can keep up with Rashy, Super Rica and their doings here. The wonderful David Alvarez has agreed to document the actions of the podcast crew from time to time, so check back often to see what the monkeys and their pals are up to.

It’s been a crazy year since the last update. Lots of good things going on, lots of sorrow, too. Since last August we’ve said good-bye to my mom Patty, Misty’s grandma Pat, her cousin Tim and our dear friends, Carol Ann and Gordon. Just as heartbreaking, the loss of our beloved Boston pups, Deuce and Mugsy. The Boys were with us for six wonderful years. They were litter mates and so closely bonded that when Mugsy died in March, Deuce followed three months later in June. They left holes in our hearts that will never be filled. Still, we believe a house without dogs (or in Rashy’s case, a thylacine) is not a home, and we have adopted two new Bostons, Pixie and the Tank. They are awesome.

As I write this, it’s the middle of summer. Lazy days and hot nights. Swim time whenever we can wedge it in, and weekends either traveling (Cabo San Lucas, New York & Detroit so far) or at the movies taking in the latest billion dollar fiasco. Comic Con is over, Dodgers baseball is headed into the home stretch and the Lions pre-season is under way. I’m hard at work on many projects I can’t announce yet but will hopefully have some information to release soon, maybe around early October. Everything looks on target for release mid-2016 and on thru winter 2017. In what little time I have off, I do this…


Of course that doesn’t sit well with Rashy, who would prefer everyone spend their days keeping him entertained.

Misty is also working round the clock, creating a slew of new routines and illusions for a full slate of magic shows this fall and on into the holidays. I’ll post more about them the closer we get to her show dates. In the meantime you can follow the exploits of the magical Ms. Misty at her website:


Misty is also the first female medium in the history of Hollywood’s Magic Castle.  Visitors can make reservations in advance for one of her haunting Houdini Seances.  We’ve had a lot of friends up to the Castle lately.  They seem to enjoy it more than Disneyland, and, having stood in line myself for an hour in 102 degree heat to get on Splash Mountain, I heartily agree. Besides, I love that there’s still one place in LA with a strict dress code. It only seems right that the Castle guests should be as formally attired as the magicians.

I guess I’d better wrap this up. I’m out of news and I just saw Rashy run through the house with an armload of water balloons. Our intern Melodie said she wanted to get some sunbathing in before she returned to her job of largely doing nothing, and it looks like Rashy is set on dampening her plans.

Melody Beach

More soon, at least before next August. I promise.

Comic Con 2014 Schedule

It’s that time of July again. Time when a favored few leave the dark confines of the workaday world to trek to California and join with other like-minded souls in the spirit of fantasy and friendship.  Their destination?  Only the most exclusive address on the West Coast.  If you don’t have a pass or know someone on the inside, you just aren’t getting in.  Within its sequestered walls, artists, writers and performers mingle freely with industry bigwigs, while the rest of the world looks on dubiously, muttering: “What’s going on in there?”  It’s a place for dressing in costume, for carefree revels, and for gleeful, hedonistoc indulgence.  I am speaking of course, of the Bohemian Grove Encampment.  But for those of you not attending that, there’s always good ol’ Comic Con.  I’m only appearing on Saturday this year, so if you want to say hi or get something signed, please take note of the two places I’ll be that day:

I’m pleased and excited to take part in the BATMAN 75th ANNIVERSARY PANEL on Saturday, July 26th, 4:00 PM on room 6BCF.  I’ll be on stage with a number of friends and fine folks from DC Comics and Warner Animation, talking about our favorite hero and answering most any Bat-related questions.  Here’s the blurb fresh from the San Diego Comic Con website:

DC Entertainment: Batman 75th Anniversary
Throughout his 75-year history, the Dark Knight has become one of the most popular and widely recognized superheroes in the world. From comics to TV to movies to video games, the World’s Greatest Detective has permeated all entertainment mediums and beyond. Get a look at Batman’s rich history and what the future holds for this pop culture icon with industry titans Kevin Conroy, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Ralph Garman, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Peter Girardi, and some surprise guests!
Saturday July 26, 2014 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Room 6BCF

Almost immediately after the panel, 5:30 PM, to be exact, I’ll be signing at the DC COMICS BOOTH for an hour, until 6:30.  If you want to get your copies of BLACK CANARY & ZATANNA – BLOODSPELL signed, bring them along as this is the ONLY signing I will be doing ANYWHERE this year.  (Other things are welcome too of course, statues, DVDS, books, body parts, an oddly popular choice, it turns out).  Later this summer I’m going into stealth mode to work on a few big projects, so this is the only con I’ll be hitting for the next couple of years or so.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego!

Radio Rashy