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Comfort & Joy Notes

A fair number of folks each December are kind enough to say how much they have enjoyed the “Comfort and Joy” holiday episode of Justice League I wrote about 149 years ago. While going through a few old things recently, I found the set of note cards I wrote up at the time after discussing the basic plot with the JL producers and writers. Generally for animation scripts, I rough out ideas on note cards, pin them up, move them around, throw out any that don’t work, and write the outline based on what’s left. Sometimes I’ll write out whole scenes on cards, sometimes just snatches of possible dialogue, or work up quick sketches for guest characters, action sequences, or various other bits of business. Below is a sampling of cards that lay out several story beats of the episode, along with a couple of gag sketches of what Wonder Woman and Batman were up to while everyone else was celebrating.

Jingle Belle’s Christmas Party

It’s party time at the North Pole, where Jingle Belle Kringle plays hostess to her friends. Of course there are a few crashers, but Jing’s bouncer Krampus keeps out the “undesirables.”

Ida Red and Mezcal brought a pinata from Texas. Jing’s wild swings shower the guests with candy, prizes, bruises and concussions.

Polly the Witch brought her famous eggnog. And, unfortunately, some of her magic potions.

Tashi’s date is Jólakötturinn, the vicious Iclandic Yule Cat. Sure hope he doesn’t have to use the sandbox.

The grotesque antics at the snack table underscore the sad truth that elves and fairies should never be given sugar.

Jing welcomes Boo & Hiss, the newest members of her cartoon “family”, to the festivities.

Eventually Jing lets in her dad to hear the wishes of all the kids who sit on his lap. Mrs. Claus is not thrilled.

That’s it for this year! See you next Christmas!

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Schedule

It’s con season. Have fun collecting artwork and autographs, but beware of fakes.

Yes folks, once again it’s time for the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, July 19th thru 23rd. I’m a guest this year so here’s a big thank you to all the nice people at Comic Con Central for wanting me back. I have lots of panels and signings lined up, including a special Sunday morning spotlight moderated by my pal, SEINFELD, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and VEEP writer/producer/director/guru DAVID MANDEL. Dave’s the funniest writer I know so come ready to listen and laugh. And maybe I’ll toss in an answer about Harley Quinn if someone has a question. Speaking of Harley, there is going to be a big Harley Quinn 25th Anniversay panel on Saturday, with JIMMY PALMIOTTI, AMANDA CONNER, KEVIN CONROY, CHAD HARDIN, TARA STRONG and ANDREW FARAGO. You won’t want to miss it!

For the fans who have been asking, I will be doing signings throughout the show. It’ll probably be best to catch me at the DC BOOTH. I’ll be there 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Thursday, signing with the great EDUARDO RISSO! Eduardo is the phenomenal artist who brought DARK NIGHT – A TRUE BATMAN STORY to life. Eduardo and I have never actually met face to face, so this signing will be a thrill for me, too! Bring your DARK NIGHT copies, because there’s no telling when we’ll be together again. From 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday I’ll be back at DC signing before the Harley Anniversay panel, and no doubt wandering around the booth staring at cool stuff at random times. I have one other very cool signing event lined up, but the info. on that is still confidential. I’ll announce it when I get the green light. You can also snag me here and there around the floor, but beware of cheap imitations. Any sock monkeys pretending to be me and offering crappy sketches for tons of money are NOT me. I don’t charge for my crappy sketches. My panel schedule is listed below. See you there!

It’s so high school…

Well, my big San Diego Comic Con announcement for this year is out a couple weeks early. Glad they decided to let the Pussycats (hint!) out of the bag now, actually. There will be much more information about this to come as Mr. Andreyko and I plan to hold a few surprises back for the Con itself. But for now, here’s an offical announcement of the big event along with this killer cover from awesome Amanda Conner!

Gotham and Riverdale to collide in ‘Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica’