1. So who is this Paul Dini anyway?

A writer of animation (Batman, Superman, Duck Dodgers, Justice League, Tom & Jerry, Star Wars, Scoob! Holiday Haunt to name a few) live drama TV (Creepshow, Lost, Tower Prep) comics (Detective, Batman: The Adventures Continue, Zatanna, Gotham City Sirens) video games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City) and creator of such original characters and comics series as Boo & Hiss, Jingle Belle, Madame Mirage, Mutant, Texas and many others. On this site Paul will be writing regular journal entries, announcing his upcoming projects and posting occasional new comics featuring a variety of his original characters.

2. Will Paul be doing any conventions?

Not these days. Lookin’ at you, Covid. However, Paul has a lot of new material scheduled for release over the next two years, so he may be returning to in person greetings and signings by late 2023. Please watch the Calendar section of this site for the latest info. 

3. Is Paul married?

Yes, to the talented, gorgeous and awesome magician/actress, Misty Lee. They have two Boston terriers, Pixie and The Tank, and an assortment of other creatures, friends and relatives, both real and imagined.

4. Will Paul read my spec Batman comic/movie script/TVpilot/video game pitch?

No. We’re sorry, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for Paul to answer fan requests and keep any sort of personal career momentum going. Appreciate the interest, though. 

5. When is Cartoon Network bringing back Tower Prep?

Probably never. You can write to Cartoon Network and protest, but please be polite. They are the nice people who took a chance on the show in the first place. Ditto for requesting Tower to reappear on HBO Max. It would be nice, but not likely right now.

6. I love Harley Quinn!

We realize that’s not a question, but it’s something we hear a lot of around here. Thank you. We love Harley, too.

7. Suppose I wanted to contact Paul to write something for me? Whom should I approach?

Melanie Tomanov at Katten, Muchin Rosenman LLP (310) 788-4400.

8. Who created this website?

The awesome and talented Kevin McShane.

9. Who manages day-to-day operations for this website?

This site exists solely through the sorcery of aspiring Halloween witch Polly Green. We have no idea how she does this, we’re just glad that she can.  (P.S. Her pumpkin bread is amazing!) 

Polly Green at Work