1. So who is this Paul Dini anyway?

A writer of animation (Batman, Superman, Hulk & The Agents of SMASH, Ultimate Spider-Man, Duck Dodgers, Justice League, Tom & Jerry, Star Wars to name a few) live drama TV (Lost, Tower Prep) comics (Detective, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Zatanna, Gotham City Sirens) video games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City) and creator of such original characters and comics series as Jingle Belle, Madame Mirage, Mutant, Texas and many others. On this site, Paul will be writing regular journal entries, announcing his upcoming projects and posting brand new weekly comics featuring a variety of his original characters.

2. Will Paul be doing any conventions?

Not as many as he used to. Paul usually shows up for a few days at Comic Con International in San Diego each July, but has cut back from most other shows. A lot depends on if he has a book or project coming out. He likes signing things when they are released (like his big book DC series with Alex Ross or the Arkham video games) but if there’s nothing new coming out at the moment, he tends to stay home weekends. Still, you never know where or when he might show up, so watch the Calendar section of this site for the latest info. It lists all his convention appearances, speaking engagements and signings, and appearances in movies and on TV, too.

3. Is Paul married?

Yes, to the talented, gorgeous and awesome magician/actress, Misty Lee. They have two sock monkey “children,” Super Rica and Rashy, two Boston terriers, Deuce and Mugsy, and an assortment of other creatures, friends and relatives, both real and imagined.

4. Sounds like an interesting household. Can I learn more?

Why, yes! Simply tune into Paul and Misty’s weekly podcast here at Radio Rashy.

5. Will Paul read my spec Batman comic/movie script/TVpilot/video game pitch?

No. We’re sorry, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for Paul to answer fan requests and keep any sort of personal career momentum going. He won’t call you on the phone, appear for your birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah or officiate at your wedding. He has been known, however, to crash the occasional Quinceañera if the tamales are good.

6. When is Cartoon Network bringing back Tower Prep?

Probably never. You can write to Cartoon Network and protest, but be polite. They are the nice people who took a chance on the show in the first place.

7. I love Harley Quinn!

We realize that’s not a question, but it’s something we hear a lot of around here. Thank you. We love Harley, too.

8. Suppose I wanted to contact Paul to write something for me? Whom should I approach?

Susan Grode at Katten, Muchin Rosenman LLP (310) 788-4400.

9. Who created this website?

The awesome and talented Kevin McShane.

10. Who manages day-to-day operations for this website?

That would be former exotic dancer/American Apparel model Miss Melodie D’ Amour. Super Rica hired her because he thought she was cute, though it’s clear Rashy has some trouble with Melodie’s office skills. Visitors to this site can direct their comments, complaints and questions to Melodie, though it is unlikely she will answer them. More on Miss D’Amour’s work ethic can be seen below:


11. Is Miss D’Amour single?

Trust us, you couldn’t afford her.