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Harley New Year

Hope your new year is off to an even better start than it was for Harley and her pals last year. Art by the always amazing Kevin Altieri.

Happy Unweek

It’s that strange Unweek between Christmas and New Year’s.

Not much work to do, but as always there are a few things to finish up.

A couple cards still to be sent, a gift or two still waiting under the tree, lots of thank you notes, calls and e-mails to send.

Time to read those books we might have received, or build a Lego set, or watch some of the big holiday movies.

A good time to stay inside, warm and safe, especially this year.

2022 will be here soon enough.

See you then.


Wow. I have GOT to update this site more than two or three times a year. Even though we’re still over half a month until New Years, I hereby make it a resolution for 2022 that I will post updates and content more frequently here. I’ll start today with these previews for the latest and last comics co-scripted by me and Alan Burnett for 2021 hitting the stores (and online) today. In BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE SEASON 2, #7, it’s election day in Gotham City, with Hamilton Hill Jr. squaring off against former Mayor Emerson Mayfield. If you’ve followed the story thus far, you know that Mayfield never plays fair, and this time he’s recruited a cadre of Arkham’s nastiest inmates to help him. And in DC’s holiday anthology TIS THE SEASON TO BE FREEZIN’, Robin AKA Tim Drake encounters Mr. Freeze while they are both doing some “Window Shopping.”

That’s it for now, but at least it’s a start. I’ll change the coming attractions bar when I have something new I can talk about (soon!) and maybe one of these years I’ll get around to doing a new MUTANT, TEXAS strip. Well, one miracle at at time.

And in June…

It’s the release of HARLEY QUINN: BLACK AND WHITE AND RED, a huge anthology of Harley stories created by some of the greatest talents in comics. This book not only collects the stories from the amazing online series, but also features two brand NEW stories appearing for the first time anywhere — a Hanukkah tale by VEEP’S David Mandel and comic artist deity Adam Hughes, and a New Year’s caper by myself and genius BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES director, Kevin Altieri. Kev and I had much fun sending Harley on this new holiday, a glimpse of which you see below. The book drops 6/1/21 on Amazon and in comic shops and bookstores everywhere.