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And in June…

It’s the release of HARLEY QUINN: BLACK AND WHITE AND RED, a huge anthology of Harley stories created by some of the greatest talents in comics. This book not only collects the stories from the amazing online series, but also features two brand NEW stories appearing for the first time anywhere — a Hanukkah tale by VEEP’S David Mandel and comic artist deity Adam Hughes, and a New Year’s caper by myself and genius BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES director, Kevin Altieri. Kev and I had much fun sending Harley on this new holiday, a glimpse of which you see below. The book drops 6/1/21 on Amazon and in comic shops and bookstores everywhere.

Coming Soon…

BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE returns this Spring for another “season” of action and suspense with the Dark Knight and his allies and enemies. You can read it online at Comixology (among others) first, and then pick up the print issue in stores a month later. See you back in Gotham City, starting 5/6/21!

Pandemic Polly

Being a witch at Halloween is fun. A witch forced to stay in over Halloween – not so much. Eight months of isolation is gonna take its toll, magic powers or not.
I wonder if she knows she’s adding coffee to her tea. That’s a tired li’l witch.

Welcome to Halloween

Our good friend Amy Mebberson did this whimsical and slightly wicked rendering of Katrina Van Tassel from the “Sleepy Hollow” section of Disney’s “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.” Though Katy was skilled in
attracting Ichabod’s attention and leading him on, this image suggests she might have been even more adept at scaring him off once she felt he served his purpose. And when you recall Ichabod was even more desirous of Katrina’s
wealth than he was of the heiress herself, who can blame her?

Coming soon…

Batman Black & White returns to book and comic stores this December, and I got to do an amazing story with the awesome Andy Kubert.

See you in the Batcave soon!