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Good As Gnu Part Two

More about Paddle the Gnu. When the marionette arrived he was not in terrible shape, but definitely in need of a cleaning, restringing and some expert craftsman TLC. As often happens, finding the right people to work on Paddle became one of those “I’ll get to it someday” tasks, and years went by before I gave it any serious thought. A couple weeks ago, as we now have loads of hobby time in quarantine, I decided to haul out Paddle and have a look at him. He had gotten a crack or two, and his strings had become so tangled I had no idea where or how to start to free him up again. As she often does, Misty Lee had the perfect solution. Her friends Lisa and Scott Land are two of the greatest marionette masters in the world. You’ve seen their artistry in such movies as “Team America: World Police”, “The Princess Diaries 2” and dozens of other movies and TV shows. You can see a small sample of their magic here: If you ever have a chance to see Scott perform with his creations live at the Magic Castle or in Las Vegas, by all means go. He’s wonderful. Misty contacted Lisa and Scott, briefed them on the Paddle situation, sent some photos and they very graciously agreed to get the old boy up and working again. They received Paddle yesterday, and under their care and expertise, he’s well on his way to looking good as “gnu.” Scott and Lisa sent the video below detailing their progress, and they have kindly allowed me to post it here. More updates about Paddle and his restoration to come soon.