My Journal

Happy Harley-Days

Christmas is coming, and with it, three new holiday tales written by me and starring Harley Quinn! November 30th sees the release of the DC Rebirth Batman Annual #1, which features a story with the legendary Bat-artist Neal Adams! I had a great time with this, and it was such fun to do a sequel/homage to Neal’s classic 1969 Christmas tale, “The Silent Night of The Batman.” On December 14th, Elsa Charretier renders what happens when Harley hosts her own Christmas entertainment extravaganza in the DC Holiday Special. Wonder Woman shares warm holiday memories. Batman does his last minute shopping. Flash and Captain Cold go caroling. Black Canary and Zatanna…well, I don’t want to give the whole thing away. Just drop into the party, you’ll be glad you did. And finally, Harley and Ivy appear in a sweet little love story (not really a holiday tale, but close enough to Christmas to count) by my pal Bill Morrison for Marc Andreyko’s very important Love Is Love book, out on December 21st.  Check out the sneak peaks below!