My Journal

Jingle Belle’s Christmas Party

It’s party time at the North Pole, where Jingle Belle Kringle plays hostess to her friends. Of course there are a few crashers, but Jing’s bouncer Krampus keeps out the “undesirables.”

Ida Red and Mezcal brought a pinata from Texas. Jing’s wild swings shower the guests with candy, prizes, bruises and concussions.

Polly the Witch brought her famous eggnog. And, unfortunately, some of her magic potions.

Tashi’s date is Jólakötturinn, the vicious Iclandic Yule Cat. Sure hope he doesn’t have to use the sandbox.

The grotesque antics at the snack table underscore the sad truth that elves and fairies should never be given sugar.

Jing welcomes Boo & Hiss, the newest members of her cartoon “family”, to the festivities.

Eventually Jing lets in her dad to hear the wishes of all the kids who sit on his lap. Mrs. Claus is not thrilled.

That’s it for this year! See you next Christmas!

  • hey, im abig fan of your Mutant Texas artwork. i hope you do more comcis of that series soon, that was a pure masterpiece of work.