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The Big 3-0!

A lot of BTAS fans have been posting that today, September 11th, is the 30th Anniversary of a much-loved character who, in their very first appearance, took Batman’s world by storm. They are speaking of course, of Charlie Collins, the hapless everyman victimized by the Clown Prince of Crime in the episode “Joker’s Favor.” Happy 30th, Chas! Enjoy that celebratory meatloaf!

Signing event

I haven’t done any signings or cons in the last four years, esp. with Covid and all, but I do have this one-time only event coming up in celebration of the Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special. Guillem March and I created a new Gotham City Sirens tale for the book, and the special variant issue by features the wonderful cover shown below by the awesome Amy Mebberson! You can also get one with a Harley scribble by me, if you wish. Click on the link to see all the details.